Firespiral Moonlit Twilight Birch Trees woven wrap In Stock Now

100% combed cotton, size 4, measures 3.98m.

The colour of the weft is a delicate and pale pearly grey blue. It works beautifully against the dark indigo of the twilight warp.

From Firespiral:

"Made from our standard 2 ply combed cotton, dyed locally for us. Having a 2 ply weft yarn offers extra strength without extra bulk; this in turn allows you to wrap snugly, accurately and with more moulding that contributes to a supportive carry even with an older child. I’m sure that there are lots of opinions when it comes to wrap theory, but our personal stance is that there are several different facets to how toddler worthy a wrap is and the fibre blend is only one aspect of this. I (Jen) am a huge fan of 100% cotton wraps for carrying bigger children and we want to work to dispel the myth that they aren’t a valid choice for carrying a 12m+ child comfortably. Creating a weave structure that worked really well in 100% cotton was one of our initial goals."